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With over 10 decades of collective experience in pet relocation, coupled with our passionate dedication to animal welfare, we are the trusted provider for many Fortune 500 companies in safe animal transportation to and from anywhere in the world!

About Company

We Handle With Care

Pets are cherished members of the family. No corporate relocation will go well if employees are worried about their family pets.

Airpet America provides a personalised door-to-door service, carefully orchestrated to move pets safely, efficiently, and comfortably. We treat pets with kindness and consideration, because they are far too precious to be treated merely as cargo.

Pets are not the only ones in the move either, we know the majority of owners have never moved a pet before and we understand the concerns they will feel. Our team are all pet owners and lovers, everything we do is to minimise the stress of pet relocation for everyone from Mom and Dad to Cat and Dog.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Airpet America

We have one of the only Global Mobility Specialist® pet relocation professionals in the world who helps tailor our approach to relocation professionals and the challenges of global mobility.

Pet Safety and a Proven Track Record

Our team has over 100 years of pet relocation experience. Air travel for pets is incredibly safe and everything we do is geared towards ensuring this safety level is maintained or exceeded.

Our Global Network of Agents

We offer a fully inclusive door-to-door service for you and your pet. This means wherever in the world you are, we will be able to assist with relocating your pet.

Unparalleled Communication

You will be fully informed before during and after the move of your furry loved one. We aim to fit their move around your own hectic schedule.


At Airpet America, we are animal lovers at our core. We help transport and serve the pets of our customers no matter the circumstances. Every pet and its owner has a unique story, a story we love to be a part of. Our service provides quality care to your pets when they’re being transported via aircraft. We offer the best pet flight nannies before, during, and after your pet’s flight. Our nannies provide around-the-clock care for your furry family members and are always just a phone call away. That phone call might not be necessary, however, because we pride ourselves on our communication skills. We treat your pets like our own. Having a family member travel alone can be an unpleasant experience.

How We Do It

To book a pet flight nanny, we will ask you for two dates and airports that work for you. We serve most major airports, and our availability and locations are wide open. After you provide us with that information, our nannies are notified, and from there, we schedule your delivery. We offer three pet delivery options to fit all your needs and schedule. If you have a flexible schedule and are looking for a more cost-effective option, we have a delivery option that includes standby travel, which keeps costs low for you. Standby travel is based on seat availability, so at any point during our transportation service, we might need to change the flight itinerary if the flight checks in full. This doesn’t happen often, and we have a high success rate for same-day delivery for your pets. We also offer guaranteed travel options that include paid air travel that is booked in advance and not subject to change unless canceled or delayed by the airline. Lastly, if you are short on time and need to get your fur baby home ASAP (less than 5 business days) we offer a “Rush Delivery” option. This option is offered at an additional $100 fee on top of the total cost.

How We Get and Deliver Your Pets

After you book a pet flight nanny, our nannies will come to pick up your pet from your nearest airport, equipped with a soft-sided pet carrier. From there, our nannies will take your pet onto the flight and will act as a “lap nanny.” Aboard the flight, our nannies will never leave your pet’s side. Travel can be stressful for anyone but especially for pets, so being able to offer constant love and care while in the air is what we pride ourselves on. After the flight, we hand-deliver your favorite furry family member to you at an agreed-upon meeting spot. Our entire process ensures your pet gets the best love and care during travel. So book a pet flight nanny for your pet’s travel needs.


What they say about us

I rescued Nina 11 years ago and have felt I was the only one who could care for her and keep her safe, so the thought of putting her in the hands of strangers to send her off overseas was unimaginable. Your service put me at ease and took care of her like I would have. Someday I'd love to meet Evelyn and the folks who collected her in the US and USA and give them all huge hugs!

Nina's owner Diane Moved from Boston to London

No suggestions on improving service, the process went smoothly. Mike even communicated directly with the vet in the US to let them know what was required for the relocation from US to USA. Did not answer to questions as we did not have any interaction with the delivery pet chauffeur or your pet boarding facility. Thank you for your handling our Sadie with care. Your services were outstanding throughout and I cannot express how grateful we are in how this move was handled by your team.

Sadie's owner Tom Moved from London to New York

We just wanted to thank everyone who was involved in moving Skye from the US to her final destination in Cleveland. Skye arrived just as she left us and it was a very positive experience all round. We are now very settled in our new home and Skye is getting used to all the new sights and sounds. Without a doubt we would recommend your services. Amazing!!

Skye's owner Mary Moved from Derby to Cleveland

Jake is doing great and we were very satisfied with the whole relocation process which has run very smoothly. I will at my earliest opportunity take the time, most likely in the weekend to fill the survey with our feedback re your service. In any case, I would like to say big thanks for your professionalism throughout the process. We stayed in downtown Cleveland for a few days before moving into our new home and she certainly got a lot of attention. It was a great way of getting to chat to all the locals.

Jake's owner Mariela Moved from Copenhagen to London

Millie seems to have enjoyed I trip and looked extremely well when she arrived home. All the staff involved took excellent care of her and we are very grateful it is always very stressful especially when they are nearly 12 years old!

Millie's owner Janet Moved from Thailand to Spain